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Stacey Lee Stanich Pace

Stacey Pace
Nickname: The Raven Barrel: Signature Colonial Barrel
Date of Birth: 02-21-65 Shaft: 8 Flight Shafts 8 Flight
Current City: Denver, CO Flight: 8 Flight Dart Flights  
Dominant Hand: Left Tip: Re-Flex Points version C   
Stacey Pace

Write up from Kryptonite Girls:
Stacey has been playing darts competitively for over 25 years, beginning in NYC at a little bar with her mentor and still very dear friend Bruce Kei. After working hard perfecting her form and Out's, she entered her first tournament the New York Open, getting several top 4's including one in singles. Doing so well in her first tournament, she never looked backed and was completely hooked on the game!

She is a huge advocate for women’s darts and always tries to be an Ambassador for our sport while maintaining humility. She always plays to win, but accepts defeat as an opportunity to grow her game. Most importantly she has made lifelong friends through this game that makes her feel blessed daily. Stacey is proud to be a member of the Kryptonite Girls, a hand-picked group of women who compete and promote women's darts as role models and Ambassadors.

Stacey’s goals are to travel more abroad for competitions and to grow her dart family.