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Dax Munna (Instructor)


Birthplace: New York, New York Barrel: Colonial 79012
Current City: New York, New York Shaft: Medium Nylon
Birthday: August 1977 Flight: Pentathlon Xtream 180 micron (Punched for springs)
Nickname: Dr. Manhattan Steel Tip Points: Dart World Piranha - Xlong

The arc of my dart origin story was fortuitous and then quite focused. I started later in life at the age of 27, but was driven to get better right away. I quickly recognized the true beauty of this game: That ANYONE could improve if they were willing to put in the proper work and were willing to make the appropriate sacrifices.

I was messing around on the dartboard one night with some co-workers at an NYC pub when the bartender challenged me to a game. By the end of the night he told me to show up on Tuesday for a league match because I was on the team. A new world of fun and friends was opening up.

I made my way to the top division in a few seasons and in short order decided I needed to captain a team to create my own path and opportunity. That first season of captaining we won the championship. And with that I became an incredibly focused student of the game and community.

I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and less than a year later I played the Seacoast Open; my first ADO tourney and won the Cricket Doubles – the first event I ever played. I also got involved with the local leagues and commnunity. I found it necessary to help a top division team win a champioship there.

I brought back long format set play (formerly known as PDSL) to NYC and created a multi-tiered, multi-division system with Anthony Eugenia (of the CDC), the pinnacle of which was the NYC Premier League.

I moved to Los Angeles for a couple of years and stoked the coals of the SCDA at a time when interest had waned. I found it necessary to help a top division team win a championship there too.

I am a 2-Time winner of the NYC Premier League, (4-time Finalist)

I have won events in the DPNY and DPLA including the DPLA Final in its inagural season.

I was a multi-time invitee to the CDC in its first few seasons (although sadly I had to decline the prestigous honor with a young one at home under my care). I started teaching the game, the posture, the resilence in 2012 when I realized there was a need for distilling knowledge and making it truly accessible for players of all levels, from beginners to CDC level players looking to stay tight and get an edge.

I work with indviduals, teams, and groups (when in-person). I have recently started working with players around the globe virtually in light of the pandemic.

I have 3 main goals in my passion for teaching this game:

  1. Help you achieve your specific goals.
  2. Make your need for me obsolete.
  3. Help someone become World Champion.


If you are hungry to improve, and you recognize “I don’t know, what I don’t know”, I am eager to teach. I want to hear from you. It is my ardent belief that if you can get the dart to the board, you can learn to do so accurately.
Reach me: on facebook OR


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