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Corrine Davis

Corrine Davis
Nickname: Spitfire Barrel: Shot Barrel
Date of Birth: 05-26 Shaft: L-style Medium Silent Spinners Shot Darts
Current City: Sacramento, CO Flight: L-style Astras
Dominant Hand: Right Tip: Re-Flex Points version C   

Write up from Kryptonite Girls:
She first started playing about 23 years ago at a pool hall. While waiting for a table she noticed a group of people throwing darts. She said they were hooting and hollering and seemed to be having a lot of fun so she decided to see what all the fuss was about. They explained the rules of the game and soon she was playing and winning and became hooked on the sport. The next year she bought her first set of darts and joined the local league. Her game progressed nicely and before she knew it she was competing at the highest levels of American darts against legendary players. Corrine says that a run to the Finals at the Las Vegas Open against Marilyn Popp was the highlight of her early career as a darter.

Her break from darts started when she began to focus on her career as a Mental Health Counselor which as been her passion for the last 13 years. She works closely with those who suffer challenges due to mental illness and gives her time and energy to help them with housing, medical, and psychiatric needs. She organizes support groups and volunteers when possible, working with local shelters and support groups. It was while volunteering that she recently had the chance to work with a group of homeless children, the experience inspired her to apply to the Master's Program at Sacramento State University with the hopes of earning a Master's degree in social work.

She began to play darts again after being asked to join a soft tip league about 3 years ago. It was there that she reconnected to a long time friend who encouraged her to compete more. They started dating and with his support she has once again begun to compete on the national dart tour. In January she made a run to the Top 8 of the ADO's Cricket National Championship and has started to win tournament crowns once again. Corrine organizes Ladies Steel Tip events in California and her positive attitude comes through in everything she does promoting the sport she is so passionate about.

When not working or competing in darts she likes hanging out with her niece and nephews, her husband Rick and their “fur-babies”. Corrine also enjoys camping, snow skiing and a bit of gardening nurturing her tomato plants.