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Jennifer Mounts

Jennifer Mounts
Birthplace: Lakewood, WA Barrel: Shot! Jen Mounts Signature Nebula Barrels
Date of Birth: 03/04/1992 Shaft: L-style L-shaft Locked Straight 190 Rochus Amusement
Current City: Sacramento, CA Flight: L-style Astras Tuff As Nails
Dominant Hand: Right Soft Tip: L-style Premium Lippoint Black
  Steel Tip: Re-Flex Points version C

Write up from Kryptonite Girls:

Jennifer has only been playing darts about three years, yet through her videos and her passion, she has already had a profound impact on darts.

She first become aware of darts while working at her mom's bar in Tacoma, WA after transferring to the University of Washington for her senior year of college. It was there she would begin to play on electronic machines in Medalist leagues. Jennifer is a natural competitor playing all types of sports growing up and had no problem transferring that same energy to darts.

She started having some success and was able to meet the right people to mentor her of the finer points of her game. She started working with DreamFuel creating a video campaign to earn sponsorship money and after her video went viral she raised $2500.00 and started entering dart tournaments. One of her first events she traveled to was the Oregon Open, which was her first steel tip tournament. She added steel conversion tips to her darts and went off and won the 501 Singles and Doubles Titles. She used her sponsorship money traveling to national events and raising awareness for woman and youth dart players in this male dominated sport. Her campaign drew thousands of followers and sponsors noticed as well.

Jennifer has been developing her video and graphic design skills of late and uses her talents in these areas to promote darts and dart players. She recently moved to Sacramento, CA to work as a full time graphic artist and cinematographer for Magic Darts Inc.