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Kenny Chassie


Birthplace: Massachusetts Barrel: Colonial 26-bo-58005 Disc Bag: Paratrooper Backpack
Current City: Portland, OR Shaft: Dart World Top Spin Footwear: Salomon X-Ultra 4 GTX Elevate Disc Golf
Birthday: Aug 14th, 1988 Flight: Pentathlon HD 150 Disc Brands: Dynamic Discs, WYLD CBD
Dominant Hand: Right Dartboard: Colonial V2 Westside Discs, Latitude 64

I have been playing disc golf since I was about 5 years old, playing with my dad and his buddies on the weekends. It’s something that, since then, has been part of my life and a grounding point for me. I never really played competitively until a few years ago. My life through HS was all about baseball but threw my shoulder out so stopped throwing all together. Picked up disc golf again about 5 years later in my early 20’s and again it brought me back to my childhood and amazing memories. I knew I had to continue playing and it has turned into a fun and competitive sport now. I hope to continue to grow along with the sport and enjoy life. I am playing in the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship this year and hope this will jumpstart my eligibility on the Pro Tour. I look to have a 1000+ PDGA rating by next year.

Darts has always been a big thing in my life. I have been playing since I was about 2 years old. My dad setup a board that was scaled to meet my height to what the legal setup is and I couldn’t get enough of it. My grandfather and dad played in the Minuteman dart league back in Massachusetts back in the day and I hear it was really competitive. I only played darts against my Dad and Grandfather until I was about 10, getting better but never beating them. Started playing with my dad and his buddies whenever I could. Finally beat my Dad then my Grandfather (who was an A League shooter in MMDL) when I was 12. Sadly, when baseball became a possibility, I took it and stopped playing darts and disc. As stated above, I stopped throwing everything when I threw my shoulder out but I came back to darts before any other sport. I started playing in the Minuteman Dart League as soon as I was eligible (21yo) and didn’t skip a step. It was a father and son activity for several years before I moved to Oregon in 2016 and started playing darts around here. Now I hope to play in ADO events and become ranked when in person play can be held. I would like an 80+ PPR average and 3.3 MPR average by the end of the year.