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Robin Curry


Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario Canada Barrel: Bottelsen Hammer Head 26gm Fit Flight
Current City: Syracuse, New York Shaft: Fit Flight Gear Spinning Shafts  
Birthday: April 2 Flight: Robin Curry Signature Fit Flight Air  

Years Playing: 30

Preferred Double: The ones I hit!! I don’t like to “rely” on a favorite double. Every double is the same size and I feel I should be able to hit any double with the same success.

What is the hardest match you have ever played? Against whom and where?
For one reason or another, every match is hard to me. Each match has its own challenge. And if it doesn’t, I’ll add one lol! As dart players, we can oftentimes create our own obstacles.
But honestly, I think playing Cali anytime/anywhere is certainly the most tough, emotionally. Knowing what the win means to her, versus how much I want to win, makes for a brutal, inner struggle. We both invest so much into our games, we know how much it means to the other.

Who is your favorite doubles/pairs partner?
Cali West of course! 😊

If you could be a professional in a sport other than darts, what would it be?
I love watching tennis and feel many aspects of the game mirrors the emotions and challenges of darts. I always seem to draw little tidbits of strategy/mindset from watching a great match. The ebb and flow of emotions and how to deal with them during the match. I only played casually in school but never in an organized club or league. Looking back, I wish I had pursued it further. I enjoyed playing.

What other women in darts inspire you?
Besides Cali 😊 There are a lot of women who inspire me in different ways. Kathy Maloney, Stacey Bromberg, Marilyn Popp, Marcia Loche, Kim Whaley-Hilts, just to name a few.



  • Team Canada World Cup – 2005 Perth, Australia
  • Team Ontario Champion – 2005,9,10,11, and 13.
  • Canadian Nationals Champion – 2008
  • Triple Crown Champion – 2008**
  • 2009 MVP Las Vegas Open (both men and women)
  • 2009 Las Vegas Open – 501 Champion
  • Canadian Open Champion - 2011
  • Team Canada America’s Cup – Belize 2012
  • New World Dart Series Champion – New Orleans 2013
  • North American Ladies Pro singles Champion Kingston, Ontario - 2013
  • National Dart Federation of Canada Female Athlete of the year – 2014
  • Turkish Open 2015 – 3rd Place
  • ADO Cricket Nationals Champion – 2018
  • Team USA World Cup – Cluj, Romania – 2019
  • Team USA America’s Cup – Jamaica 2020 (Postponed due to COVID)
  • Las Vegas Open – 1st place Cricket Singles
  • **There have been only 4 players to achieve this honor winning Singles, Doubles and Mixed Pairs at the National Championships. Extremely tough room. To be in the company of John Part, Gayle King and Cindy Pardy, is humbling. I personally consider this my best shining moment!! If I had to pick one 😊


  • # 4 American Darts Organization
  • # 32 World Darts Federation


  • “It’s better to burn out than fade away”
  •     - Neil Young