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  • Custom Order Form

  • Ordering Instructions:

    1. Type custom names EXACTLY how you would want them printed (including capitalization, spacing and special characters).
    2. If you do not desire a custom name in the designated field, leave the space blank.
    3. Selecting "Yes" for a pocket will add $1 to that individual jersey price during checkout.
    4. If you desire custom measurements, please choose the "Custom" option in the Size dropdown menu then specify the exact measurements (in inches) in the Notes field. Be sure to indicate whether or not they want a Straight or Tailored Cut.
      For example: L: 30 W: 23 S: 8 - Tailored Cut
    5. If you are ordering a design with multiple colors, please indicate the color in the Notes field.
    6. To copy all options filled out in a single row to the next row, click the paper icon.
    7. Be sure to delete any rows that are unused by clicking the trashcan icon. You won't be able to add your order form to the cart until you do so.

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